Japan Is Getting a New Pokemon Downloadable Game. It's Free!

Soon, a new downloadable Pokemon game will be released in Japan—free of charge. Called Thief and 1,000 Pokemon, the 3DS game has players amass an army of Pocket Monsters via StreetPass.


Those Pokemon are then used in battle. The more you have, the better your chances are for winning.

The game will be available in the Japanese Nintendo eShop free of charge from June 6 to September 30. No word yet about a Western release.

とうぞくと1000びきのポケモン プロモーションムービー第1弾[PokemonCoJp@YouTube]

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Wait, free as in "free", "free to play", "free to try", or "free-free" (the dictionary definition of an item that is garnered from no exchange of monetary funds). I hate the term free because so many publishers have bastardized the word. If it's really "free", it should be the whole damn game for absolutely no money, without any IAP. If it involves IAP in any capacity, it is not free, and should not be labeled as such. So which one is it?