Japan Is Getting Two Cowboy Bebop Cafes

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Cowboy Bebop is coming back! In cafe form, that is. This May, Cowboy Bebop cafes will open for a limited time in Tokyo and Osaka.


The original Cowboy Bebop manga ran from 1997 to 1998, and the anime was broadcasted in 1998. It’s great.

According to Anime Anime, the Cowboy Bebop Cafe will open May 15 at the Animate Cafes in Tokyo’s Akihabara and Osaka’s Nipponbashi. The cafe will run until June 10.


There are no photos yet of what themed food and drink will be served as well as what limited edition items will be for sale.

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I really really REALLY hope that Cowboy Bebop is not one of the shows brought back to life for a new season. It’s perfect as it is. I don’t need to know anything else about what these characters did before, during, or after the show. (Even the movie, while pretty good, isn’t really necessary in the grand scheme of things.)

I haven’t heard anything that suggests it will, but that was my first thought when I scrolled past the headline and... it just seems like anything can get a revival these days.