While the rest of the world suffers under the tyranny of a single Wii colour, Japan has choices! First a black Wii & Wii Remote, and now a blue Wii Remote & Nunchuk.


But wait! There's a catch! The special coloured controllers are being offered as part of a Club Nintendo deal for Wii Sports Resort's launch, and rather than being purchased with Club Nintendo Points, are being given away. To be eligible, you need to buy a copy of Wii Sports Resort, register it online, then hope you're one of the lucky ones (there are only 5000 sets being given away).

The competition is only open from June 25 to August 31, and with only 5000 on offer, these will be sure to fetch a premium on the open market. Provided, that is, Nintendo don't go and release them officially later in the year.

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