Japan Finally Gets Its Xbox Live Video Marketplace On

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The US video marketplace launched in November, 2006. In case you just joined us, it's now December 2008, and poor old Japan still doesn't have access to a store of their own.


Courtesy of the console's increased popularity in the country, however, that's about to change. Microsoft have announced that the service will be launching in Japan sometime during 2009.

But when in 2009? Sadly, that's as precise as they got, which means it's more likely to be the end of 2009 than the beginning. Or even middle.


Still, if you can get around the region restrictions, a ton of animated content is promised for the service, so hardcore (Japanese-speaking) anime fans will at least be catered for.

Xbox 360で映画やアニメなどの動画が見られる! 2009年よりビデオマーケットプレースのサービス開始が明らかに [Famitsu]

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Grim Mandingo

a) The US marketplace uses (or something similar to) ip-filtering. Europeans with US accounts have not been able to buy anything on the US video marketplace. I think it's highly unlikely that they will not implement the same security on the Japanese Marketplace.

Also doesn't help that Microsoft points only work in the region of purchase.

b) So could this mean they'll finally announce the promised European video marketplace?