Back in July, Jane Wells of CNBC declared the PlayStation 3 the winner of the console wars based on her son's reaction to Sony's E3 press conference. Following Sony's showing, the young lad picked up his Xbox 360 and all of his games and marched down to the local game store to trade it all in for a PlayStation 3. Now Wells posted an update on her son's video gaming habits, suggesting that perhaps the trade-in was a bit premature.

My son still owns his PS3. I asked him if he likes it. Yes. I asked him if he regrets trading in his Xbox 360. Yes to that, too. Why? He says that while he enjoys the quality of game play on the PS3, especially the graphics (and no discs have been scratched yet), he misses all his friends on Xbox Live. I've noticed that he's not playing the PS3 very much, and, in fact, he's reactivated his old "World of Warcraft" account...


He misses his friends and has turned to World of Warcraft? Jane, your son isn't a finicky gamer, he's just lonely. Perhaps if you let him out of that gilded cage you've placed him in long enough to live...dammit live! *wipes at tear* She always makes me cry. Young Master Wells is currently working on saving up for a new Xbox 360 so he can enjoy the benefits of both systems, which seems like the perfect thing to do. Appreciate video games in all their form and function! There's a good lad!

Maybe Microsoft's new price cuts will encourage him to do that. Then, perhaps, we can unite as one nation, one household, behind both consoles. That will only leave out the Wii, which, I'm afraid, he wouldn't be caught dead owning.

Gasp! There's a twist at the end! There is only one appropriate reaction, and that reaction is this. PlayStation, Xbox And Post That Launched A "Thousand" Emails [CNBC]

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