Jane Wells' Son - The Epic Conclusion, With A Twist!

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We've been following the epic saga of CNBC reporter Jane Wells' son and his on and off love affair with the PlayStation 3 with bated breath here at Kotaku Tower, sitting on the very edge of our seats, feet littered with discarded popcorn containers as we wait and see just what happens next. First he trades in his Xbox 360 for a PlayStation 3, then he misses his Xbox Live friends and turns to World of Warcraft for comfort. Now for the finale which ties it all together!

So this weekend, he dragged his PS3 back to the same Game Stop where he bought it to trade it in for another Xbox. This, even as a friend in line with us complained about his Xbox acting up now that it's out of warranty.


I gasp! Instead of letting the consoles live in harmony, saving his money so he could have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360, young Master Wells instead went the trade-in route, at GameStop, no less. But how could he possibly make enough money to get a console and games with just the PS3? The answer may terrify you.

How did my son come up with the difference between the trade-in price and the new Xbox? He made $300 this weekend selling his decked-out World of Warcraft character on eBay.

Wow. I sure hope he mailed whoever won the CD key and packaging, because otherwise he just violated the End-User License Agreement, and...yeah, nothing at all will happen. $300? Anyone want a level 70 mage? So all's well that ends well for Jane Wells and her son. He has his Xbox 360 back, and Jane learned some important lessons in the process.

1-the gaming experience is more than a few games and cool graphics. 2-repeatedly doing trade-ins at Game Stop is a money losing proposition. 3-PC games like World of Warcraft can actually MAKE you money. 4-don't talk to your mother about these things.

Oh Jane, we're going to miss these little chats. *wanders off to cry* The Final Chapter In PS3 Vs. Xbox 360? [CNBC]



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