James Cameron Keen To Do More Video Games

Sci-fi opus Avatar, from director James Cameron, is the second highest-grossing movie of all time; and it's still playing in theaters. Earning over $1.8 billion, his historical epic Titanic is the biggest grossing film worldwide.

You't think a guy like that would take time off, relax. Things could be so cruisey. Oh no, not Cameron. With the Avatar game out in stores, the filmmaker has his sights on possibly creating more video games on the grounds that he has loads of ideas, but can only make so many films.


"I've got a lot of stories, and I don't have enough time to make them all as movies," the Oscar winner tells X-Play in a recent interview. "That's something I'm exploring with Ubisoft to see if maybe's a relationship around just getting these stories and world ideas into games — just completely independent of movies. You know, good ideas and visuals are exactly that."

If these are in fact good ideas and not simply rushed left-overs, then this possible partnership between Cameron and Ubisoft could be one to watch.

X-Play Interviews James Cameron About Avatar [G4] [Pic]

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