James Cameron Is Earth's Official Spokesperson

After showing us through the magic of 3D how human beings could potentially screw up an entirely new planet, James Cameron has signed on with NASA to help show how the agency is keeping us from screwing up our own.

Cameron stars in a series of three new commercials to help promote NASA's contributions to keeping our planet safe from harm, from helping us fix the hole in the ozone layer to making sure no hostile aliens arrive and try to steal our precious Unobtainium.

We need our Unobtanium.

Now I won't get into an argument here over the relative merits of James Cameron's "masterpiece" Avatar, letting my use of quotes around that particular word speak for itself. Whether or not Avatar was a big budget mess or a visually impressive hunk of crap isn't up for debate.


That the man would donate his time to helping promote our space program is admirable, and I wholly approve his message.

Cameron Shares NASA's Exploration of Earth in 'Avatar' Videos [NASA.gov]

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