Jailed Megaupload King is Still the World No. 1 in Modern Warfare 3

Kim Dotcom is the Internet playboy who made his zillions by founding the now-defunct (and Anonymous cause celebre du jour) Megaupload, and also from the blatant hosting of pirated content there. But he also led a secret life, did you know? He is the deadliest shooter in all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Really.

Though Modern Warfare 3 was one of 2011's most pirated games—despite being available for about 45 days of the year—Mr. Dotcom at least acquired a legitimate version of the game, otherwise he would have been unable to play online and rack up more than 150,000 kills, in gaming sessions stretching six hours on end, as shown in this video dated Dec. 31.


I just checked the Xbox 360 leaderboards and MEGARACER, Dotcom's gamertag, still is in first place overall with 180,980 kills all time, good for a score of 9.05 million. Further, he's still No. 1 on the weekly leaderboard with 29,129 kills, despite being arrested on Thursday in the safe room of his New Zealand mansion. His kill-to-death ratio is 2.1 lifetime and, needless to say, he's level 80.

Of course, this man also made his fortune in a patently dishonest way, so, judge the authenticity of this performance for yourself.

The world's most wanted pirate was also the No. 1 multiplayer player for Modern Warfare 3 [Venturebeat]

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Well, better arrest the makers of dropbox, rapidshare, irc, yahoo messenger, msn messenger, deviantart, fileplanet, mediashare, ftp, any web server maker, winamp (shoutcast), ustream, any free web host, all isp's that host newsgroups, all private newsgroup companies, dvdr/cdr/bdr hardware/software/media companies, recordable cassette/vhs tape companies, floppy companies (if any still exist), memory card companies, cloud networking companies, because ALL can be used for illegal pirating. In fact, just shut down the internet altogether and remove all forms of printing presses, and give us all lobotomys just to make sure there will be no more pirating. Take away all of our freedoms so your bottom line looks better.

Megaupload was a good service. It was useful for doing backups since I could compress my source code folders down to about a gig and password them, and upload like a cloud solution like megaupload since they had a file size limit of a gig. VERY USEFUL. But no, let's take it away because a few people used it to pirate. Yeah, that's smart.

If it was designed for pirating then why did they have the same controls as Youtube to remove offending content? A HUGE button saying "report link", that would automatically delete the offending material. This is just bullshit, straight and simple. Now I can go and find another cloud service that will charge me out the ass and snoop in on my files in the fear that big brother will come and send them all to jail. That's progress.