George Hotz, the man responsible for "jailbreaking" the iPhone platform, has released the "coveted" PlayStation 3 exploit he announced last week, the one that means the console is essentially "hacked."

So begins the cycle of homebrew developers finding new ways to run custom code on the PS3 and Sony Computer Entertainment engineers attempting to squash exploits that enable said homebrew (and the piracy that tends to go along with it). We're sure that Kevin Butler, VP of Locking Shit Down, is already on the case.

Just don't count on Hotz continuing his pursuit of keeping the PlayStation 3 hack ready. And don't expect anything profound to come out of Hotz's efforts any time soon.

"Hopefully, this will ignite the PS3 scene, and you will organize and figure out how to use this to do practical things, like the iPhone when jailbreaks were first released," Hotz writes on his blog. "I have a life to get back to and can't keep working on this all day and night."


Hotz says his exploit is "known to work with version 2.4.2 only, but I imagine it works on all current versions."

While there's still an incredible amount of work for the "scene" to do for PlayStation execs to worry about rampant PS3 piracy, now three-plus years into the console's lifespan, we're guessing it won't take long for something substantive to come out of this effort.

Here's your silver platter [On The PlayStation 3]