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Jade's Next Game - I Am Alive

So what's Ubisoft's Jade Raymond been working on since Assassin's Creed has come and gone? According to Gamekyo (formerly Jeuxfrance) she's been getting busy on I Am Alive, a survival game for the PC, 360, and PS3 from French developer Darkworks of Cold Fear fame and Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare infamy. Supposedly to be revealed at E3 next week in a lengthy video presentation, I Am Alive is a tale of survival following an earthquake that decimates Chicago. While the game will be a first-person affair, don't expect to be shouldering a bazooka. The point of view is meant to immerse you in the experience, similar to what EA is doing with Mirror's Edge.

It's not quite official confirmation, but Gamekyo has the trademark document for the game over at their site, so there's a pretty good chance this is a solid rumor. Still, even a solid rumor is still a rumor. The only thing that really strikes me as odd about the whole thing is I known people from Chicago, and no piddling city-destroying earthquake could take them down.

Jade Raymond working on I Am Alive [Gamekyo]

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