Jack Tramiel, Father of the Great Commodore Computer Company, Dies at 83

Jack Tramiel, a Holocaust survivor and the tech visionary who founded the company that created the legendary Commodore 64 computer, died on Sunday at the age of 83, Forbes reports. We'll have more on Tramiel's great legacy later.

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Without the Commodore 64, I may not even be posting here today. My step-dad's one, which he brought round when he moved in, was the first computer I ever used, and the first game was the Batman tie-in for the 1989 film, at the age of four years old.

It's what got me into gaming as a hobby, and I still have that C64 (plus a spare) in my cupboard to be taken out and played when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Rest well Jack Tramiel, your company pretty much shaped my life, and I don't regret a single moment of it.