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It's been awhile since we've heard anything about Tim Schafer's Brütal Legend, which stars Jack Black as a heavy metal roadie who bleeds into his cursed belt buckle and is transported to Nordic Heavy Metal land. Lucky for us, MTV Multiplayer has the scoop directly from Black himself, who attended the recent MTV Music Awards wearing a Brütal Legend t-shirt and...well, just read.

"I just wanted to represent. I do this video game ‘Brutal Legend.' It's coming someday. And these pants are pantaloons. And I went with these purple people eaters [shoes]."


There you have it folks! Mark someday on your calendars and get ready to rock!

Multiplayer did at least manage to contact Sierra spokesman Tom Stratton, who for the most part told him the same thing, more or less, adding that more details would be made available soon. Someday soon. I can't wait!

Jack Black Says ‘Brutal Legend' Will Be Released ‘Someday' [MTV Multiplayer]

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