Jack Black Craps Ping Pong Balls for VGA

Jack Black's hosting Spike's 2008 "Video Game Awards" (their quotes, not mine). Here are a couple promos goofing on mo-cap. Being clever works. Poop jokes always work. And ping-pong peepees = can't-miss crowd pleaser.


Death by eagle? Oh come on, Jack, don't make me beg you to do a Falcon Punch. Come on, you down with OP IP? UPDATE: For some reason, GameTrailers moved or took down the original, plus the death sequences, so we now have the versions hosted at Spike's Web site. But on the jump there's a third GT promo video featuring more ping pong ball-shitting.

The 2008 VGA are next Sunday, 9 PM EST on, of course, Spike TV.


Jack Black Special Attack Promo [Gametrailers]

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Quotation marks is right.

But that is a funny man.