J Allard? No, It's Doctor J Allard

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J Allard has, tragically, been in hiding for some time now. And still is! But his name, at least, has come out of hiding. We're glad. And so, so glad that when it did resurface, it was to share the limelight with some illustrious company!


Yes, the former Xbox pin-up boy, who played a big part in the launch of both Microsoft consoles, has been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Boston University, where he once (presumably) majored in geek makeovers. In case you were wondering, the honorary doctorate doesn't mean J passed any extra tests or skipped any classes in the last year or two; it just means BU are honouring his contributions to his field.

Joining Allard on the list are some lofty alumni, including Steven Spielberg and Celtics legend Larry Bird, both of whom also are due to receive honorary doctorates.

While we're glad to see J again, we're actually happier at the news of Bird receiving a doctorate of any kind, because it now means we might finally get that long-awaited basketball game sequel, Dr. J vs Dr. Bird.

Word Out! [BU Today, via Giant Bomb]



I totally forgot about that guy.

Why the hell is this guy (and Larry Bird and Steven Spielberg for that matter) getting an honorary doctorate? Isn't that a sort of slap in the face to every person who has actually earned a doctorate degree (even though its just an "honorary doctorate)?