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"I've Heard Warm Dr. Pepper With Lemon Helps"

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Dead Rising 2!

No apologies, sadly. (T_T)

Been having a nagging cough today, and this week. I don't feel sick, but I just can't shake it. I was moaning about this on my Twitter/Facebook feed, and I got lots of helpful advice from very nice people.


Best/strangest from from internet friend Justin: "I've always heard a warm/hot Dr. Pepper with lemon helps? I've never tried it but....."

Really? I mean... REALLY?!

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Tim Rogers

you know bashcraft, the word "doctor" (or, abbreviation for the word "doctor") isn't in the title of the beverage for nothing!

not to say that the current era of dr. pepper lives up to the original aims of its creators.

back then, a whole century ago, people were trying to make medicine fun.

nowadays, suggestions like this reek of trying to make fun into medicine.

the best cure for the common cold is:

1. don't ever drink alcohol

2. don't ever smoke

3. eat only organic vegetables

4. eat nothing fried

5. eat egg whites

6. run twelve to eighteen kilometers per day

i've tried this and it works