StarForge is quite the thing. Fire it up and you think it's a shooter. Run around and you find there's nothing to shoot. Go to switch weapons and...oh. Oh.

See, StarForge isn't really a shooter. It's a shooting sandbox. You're dropped in a randomly-generated world with not just a gun, but an invisible space shovel that lets you alter the terrain around you. You've also got an invisible space forklift and toolbox, letting you lay down various crates and construction materials, as well as the ability to magically generate turrets and spinning death traps.


The idea being, you create your own insane Starship Troopers moments. Dig yourself a bastion, lay down defences, draw your gun then hit 0 to start spawning monsters. Which means it's on.

It's pretty basic, and because it's so early in development it's rough as hell (as you'll see from my skydiving sequence in the video above). But for a game that's been made by two guys, it's at least ambitious enough to warrant a try, especially since later versions are looking to include a lot more features, bad guys, terrains and construction options (as you'll see in the trailer to your left).

StarForge [Official Site]

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