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Phase one of guild creation for The Old Republic is complete, resulting in thousands of pre-game guilds just waiting to form on launch day, but what server will they launch on? That's where phase two comes in. Let's get aligned!


Having your guild formed before the game comes out is all well and good, but what of your friends in other guilds, or the Republic version of your Imperial guild? You're going to need to make sure you wind up on the same server, and that's where alignment comes in. Starting today, guild leaders and select officers can choose up to three guilds to act as allies or adversaries to their established guild. Doing so will increase the odds that aligned guilds will end up on the same server when the game goes live.

Mind you it's no guarantee, but increased chances are better than barely any.

Check out the news post on The Old Republic's website for more information on the new guild management features in phase two.


Guild Alignment Begins [Star Wars: The Old Republic]

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