It's the Most Festive Struggle for Survival Against Killer Robots Ever

It might be the most hardcore game on Facebook, but that doesn't mean Stomp Game's mecha-Diablo Robot Rising is too cool to celebrate the holidays. It just celebrates in a hardcore fashion.


Dressing up helper bots and the game's sexy robot mascot in festive holiday hats is pretty cool. Adding snow and Christmas trees to the players' bases gives upgrading weapons and armor, researching new tech and building better robots a certain yuletide cheer. Transforming the chests dropped by fallen mechanical enemies during dangerous missions into gifts that play a little holiday tune when opened? Cute, Stomp.

However, the best Christmas update so far is the completely new main theme. Hints of the game's more dramatic music lurk beneath a warm and inviting arrangement of bells and flutes. It's really quite lovely.

Stomp Games has more holiday cheer up their sleeves for Robot Rising. You can check out what they've done so far right now.

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