It's time to shut the door on the least memorable shooter franchise of the previous generation. Online services for Resistance: Fall of Man and its two sequels will cease functioning on April 8. Surely someone out there is sad?

Originally announced last year, the final shutdown of the Resistance franchise's PlayStation 3 online multiplayer features was tweeted out by Insomniac Games earlier this week, only no one noticed because no one cares about Resistance anymore, especially not Insomniac Games. I didn't even notice until I read it on GameSpot this morning, and even then I forgot several times throughout the day.


It was Sony's call to shut down services, and I am guessing it wasn't in spite of several hundred thousand players logging in every day to take on the... Locust? Helghast? Oh wait, it was Chimera or something.

Resistance wasn't a bad series. I distinctly remember enjoying myself playing through the campaigns of all three games. It's just that's pretty much all I remember. There was a giant thing, and maybe a squid? Kraken? Other than that it's all brown. It's almost frustrating enough to make me want to seek out some used copies and play through them again, for old time's sake.

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