To: Bashcraft From: Fahey Re: Baby Pop Out Watch Start! Oh my god babies! Once the little person is born, make sure to hand it to an orangutan to carry up a rocky precipice and present to the various wildlife of the jungle. It would really help if you can talk like James Earl Jones while doing it. Watch out for wildebeests. Today was the first day I've actually gotten to sit down and play a video game for my own enjoyment in quite some time! Unfortunately I picked Golden Axe as my game of choice, which means I still haven't technically played a game for my own enjoyment. Oh well, I still have a sackful of games that might not hurt as badly. Hmmm, Guilty Gear 2... What you missed today: Gears of War 2 โ€“ Horde Mode Is The Way To Go Bioshock PS3 Getting Patched Milla Heads Up Clock Tower Cast This Is What Atlus USA Looks Like Frankenreview: Dead Space Stardock Amends Bill Of Rights Guitar Hero To Bloat Further With "Modern Hits"? Obama Ups His In-Game Campaign Advertising Eve Online Gets Free Quantum Rise