It's the 49ers vs. the Ravens in Call of Duty—With These Emblems

This emblem tutorial brings together two dewchuggin' classics—football and Call of Duty, enough to make any bro-gamer stand up straight and armpit fart Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA.

The gang at FPSGeneral put together this tutorial if you want tomorrow's Super Bowl combatants in today's Call of Duty. The 49ers logo lacks the stylized, serifed SF, but it's still plainly recognizable. The Ravens emblem is an alternate logo, not the helmet decal. I've never been any good at layer-editing, so all of this gets an ooo-rah and a beer belch from me.


Show Your Pride With Our Super Bowl XLVII Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorial [FPSGeneral]

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when ever I get killed in call of duty (alot) it always ends up with an emblem like this

I see them over and over... not the exact one but a variant I got sick of people SMGing my across the map and then this popping up every time so stopped playing.... I suck at CoD I cant get the whole spray 5 feet behind them at there feet to get a headshot mechanic.