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It's Talking Ted, But It's Not a Game

Since I live outside the U.S., many Hollywood movies often take their sweet time getting a release here in Japan. Ted is from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and follows the adventures of a grown-man who deals with his boyhood teddy bear that's come to life. I didn't know much about the flick, but after seeing this app on the iTunes charts, I decided to check it out.

The "game" is a free app, and it's not a game per se—even though the app has directions on how to play. Rather, this is a soundboard app. In Talking Ted, you can make Ted smoke, have him drink booze, have him talk and punch him. You can record little clips and then email them or upload them to Facebook. That's...about it!

Yes, this app is a movie promotional tool—it's way better than just a flash site, and for that, I think it's kind of neato. While it would be very cool if you could make Ted say things that weren't from the pre-recorded selection, I 'd be happy if you could input a string of commands. Instead, it seems you can only enter a command after one has finished. Though, after fiddling around with this soundboard app, punching Ted and making him dry hump the air, I'm actually less interested in seeing the flick. That probably wasn't the intended effect, but there you go.

Talking Ted [Free, iTunes]

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