It's Pizza Time In Halo: Reach

Gif: Lord Zedd (YouTube)

Halo: Reach is a very good game and will soon be coming to PC and Xbox One via an update to The Master Chief Collection. This news prompted a bit of a meme, where folks started sending pizzas to 343 Industries. That inspired one modder to brings pizzas to Halo: Reach.


Created by Halo modder Lord Zedd, this mod changes all of the textures and text in Halo: Reach into pizzas or pizza references. Every sound is even changed into the simple audio clip of someone saying “It’s Pizza Time!” The quote and music were originally heard in Spider-Man 2 on PS2 and Xbox. A single tweet inspired the mod to be created.

The full video is 17 minutes. It’s a lot of pizza. You might want to mute this video once the gameplay starts. Unless you want to hear pizza time a thousand times.

I asked Zedd how they created this delicious creation. It was done on a modded Xbox 360 using a modded copy of Reach. After adding in the sound effects and pizza textures, Zedd used a small program they created to mass replace all the textures in the game with pizza. A simple code change was all that was needed to get all text in the game to display “It’s Pizza Time!”

The end result is oddly satisfying to watch until human beings with faces appear. Then suddenly this fun little mod starts to create nightmare beings who will live in your mind for years to come.

Gif: Lord Zedd (YouTube)

I want pizza time to end, please.

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...every time I see an article like this, I think, “Shit! Did Reach drop on PC while I wasn’t looking? Has flighting begun?”

But no.

It’s just an unending repetition of “pizza time.”

I’m going to go eat a quesadilla—because it’s not quite a pizza—in protest.