Metal Gear Online has been, to quote, a "clusterfuck". Partially because Konami's online reliability is shaky, at best, but mostly because people just hate the fact they need to have a PSN ID, a Konami ID and a MGO ID just to play the thing. Well, it's OK, MGO fans. You're not alone. Your messiah, Hideo Kojima, has descended from a place on high and lo, he agrees with you.

Honestly, officially, I can't say anything on Konami ID and Game ID. It's a company policy. But frankly speaking, the idea wasn't a very good one. The fact is that Konami's direction was that we create a Game ID and Konami ID for the online components, and now we're seeing that it's not working so well, and we have to think about how to turn it around.

By "turn it around" do you mean "get rid of it"? Hideo Kojima MGS4 Afterthoughts [1UP]