Sony just made it official: former Konami superstar (and Metal Gear creator) Hideo Kojima has grown a beard. Oh, and formed a new studio, which is working with Sony on a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

It’s not a Sony studio; it’s an independent team, which will be known as...Kojima Productions. The deal announces that Kojima Productions’ “first software title [is] a console exclusive to the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.”


Here’s their very swank new logo:

Below is an introductory video shot with Kojima and Sony’s Andrew House:

The announcement brings to an end one of the most long-winded and bizarre sagas in the history of the video game industry (which you can catch up on below if you need a refresher).


Update 12/16 8:38 AM: According to a Q&A with a Sony EU community manager, the new studio’s first game is also coming to PC.

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