It's Official - Achievements Coming To World Of Warcraft

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While most companies were driving themselves crazy at E3 this week, Blizzard quietly confirmed rumors from early last month, officially announcing achievements for World of Warcraft, coming with the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Achievements are broken up into several categories - PVP, Dungeon and Raid, Quests, Professions, Events, World Exploration, Reputations, and the more whimsical General category, which includes an achievement for getting a shave and a haircut using WotLK's new barbershop feature.


Some achievements will carry rewards such as tabards, pets, and other prizes, and Blizzard promises more with each new content update. Players will be able to compare their achievements with others both in-game and via the Armory.

My girlfriend just got her first character to 70 this week, and asked me what she could do now. If she can be patient it looks like Blizzard has an answer forthcoming.

Wrath of the Lich King Achievements [World of Warcraft]


@wild homes has been retconned!:

As long as we don't go into the Copyright part (we got our own DMCA coming up now and people are pissed) it seems very strong. (For patents you have to build it first if you want to register it)

Anyway, in my understanding, as different as those two are (jumping and achievements), they are time-sensitively apart, that's why I believe. Back in the pre-8 bit era, not as many games had jumping in it. Where Microsoft has a saying in achievements, is who and under which conditions can make some that works with their very own achievements system.

But in the end, won't change much, doesn't seems like Blizzard will have any problems with that, and good for them.