It's October. Let's Make Some Horror Movie Recommendations.

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Welcome to October, the scaaaaariest month of the year. You guys like horror movies? I get the sense that some of you do. Let's talk horror movies.


Lots of people I know have annual October traditions that revolve around horror movies. For example, today my buddy Patrick Klepek posted his annual Shocktober Horror List over at Giant Bomb, which made me want to spend some more time than usual this month watching fright flicks.

I thought I'd turn to you guys for tonight's off-topic: What are some horror movies you would recommend? They can be any kind of movie - new, old, rare, indie, foreign, whatever. Just share the name, a trailer, and why the movie's worth watching. Commence!


Off-Topic is our nightly open thread where we show you something interesting beyond the world of games while inviting you to talk about anything and everything.

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Booyah! My all time favorite.

Even better is on like the tenth viewing you realize that when Russell is throwing the stick of dynamite at the Thing he misjudges the fuse so it gets about two yards from his hand before it explodes!