It's Obama Vs. Romney In An Auto-Tuned Video Game Deathmatch

What if Obama and Romney were video game characters, and the national conventions were where they did battle? And what if it wasn't just any video game, but a super catchy music game, where the candidates crooned and harmonized as they amassed a high score of hope-mentions and implications of faith? Well, I'd probably watch, that's what.


You may not have heard of The Gregory Brothers, but surely you've heard of their series, 'Auto-Tune The News,' in which they turn pundits and politicians into inadvertent music stars. (My favorite one is still Episode 6, where Michael Jackson's lawyer sings a moving ode to waking up dead.)

Check out this latest, video-game inspired musical video by the Brothers, created especially for the New York Times. It is good.

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Ah, a game that no matter who wins, we lose. Makes me think, if we could choose a video game character to run for president, what candidates would we choose? Cmdr. Shepard, with his natural talent for leadership and fantastic handling of foreign policy? Mario, with a platform of keeping reptiles and goombas out of our country? Perhaps the Prince from Katamari, who has the philosophy that there exists no differences between us since we're all stuck on the same ball rolling through space?