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It's Not The Size Of The Game World, But How You Use It

Illustration for article titled Its Not The Size Of The Game World, But How You Use It

Does size matter? Compare the size of these seven video game words to the amount of enjoyment you got out of playing the game. Found via Digg.


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San Andreas had the saddest emptiest map of them all. I hated that game because of the crappy map. I'm almost certain they did that just to claim it was bigger than GTA3 and Vice City combined....yet they don't mention how lifeless and boring 75% of it is.

Then again, SA is by far one of the most self indulgent games I've ever played. They added such much to it, yet it was done in a really shabby half assed way.

The post apocalyptic Washington D.C. in Fallout 3 had more life and variation than that game...