It's Like Uncharted With A Fat Guy

There will be spoilers in the video here, featuring one of the best scenes in the surprisingly excellent expansion to Enslaved: Odyssey To The West. But, really, this is just beautiful (and I’m not giving plot details away.)

Pigsy’s Perfect 10 is a $10 single-player expansion to one of 2010's more quietly superb games, Enslaved. The expansion came out in November, but I didn’t play it until this past weekend. You can get a feel for the expansion in the clip above. You’ll see that you control Pigsy in Perfect 10. He’s the fat, leering supporting character from the main game, a guy who ultimately seemed more hero than creep. It turns out he makes for a good lead character as well.

I wanted to show you some of Perfect 10 in action so you could see how gorgeous it is. You see a balance here between running, jumping and a little bit of combat. There is more shooting — mostly sniping — in the rest of Perfect 10, but this dog scene was too fun not to show off. There’s a fair amount of plot to Perfect 10, mostly about Pigsy trying to construct himself a friend out of the junk in the junkyard where he lives. That story is well-told, but I’d rather you experience it for yourself.


Some expansion packs are small, forgettable wastes of your dollar. Perfect 10 felt fresh, looks great and is overwhelmingly generous in terms of the new sights, scenes and quality of storytelling it offers. I recommend it. And even if you watched the clip here, you’re in for a lot of unexpected delights.

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Ivan Lopez

I kinda wish they had this as separate downloadable game. I'm way more interested in the gamepaly mechanics due to Pigsy's limitations and gadgets. The platforming and combat didn't seem so hot to me in the demo. Especially the platforming as it felt too automatic.

Has anyone played both? What did you like better gameplay wise?