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Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. Awakening from a cryo-tube, you make your way across an abandoned testing facility, following the commands of a character you cannot directly interact with, using a piece of ultramodern technology in increasingly creative ways to overcome obstacles. Yeah.


The conceptual level is pretty much where the similarities to Portal end, though. Aesthetically, Project Temporality is more Dead Space than Portal, and instead of messing around with space, we mess around with time, creating copies of ourselves to solve puzzles with—a gameplay mechanic we've seen before with Tessallation and Time Rifters, but with a bit of a horror-y twist. Check out the trailer below for a taste of that.

Temporality was actually part of yesterday's batch of Greenlit games, which emerged on the same day the game went gold after a four-year development cycle. That must have felt good. Look for it to pop up on Desura on March 7, and soon after on Steam with Steamworks integration.


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