It's Like League Of Legends. Only With Mechs...And Laser Guns.

Decimal is an in-development indie game from Orb Interactive. On the one hand, it's a MOBA game (ala League of Legends, DOTA). On the other, thank the Maker, it's trying some different things.

The big one is that there aren't any wizards, trolls, swords or spells. It's got a slick sci-fi aesthetic, helped along by the contributions of William Smith, an artist we've featured on Kotaku previously.


But it's also promising some changes on the gaming side of things, like the fact you'll be controlling a squad of troops instead of a single "hero", and that squad can be individually customised by specialising (making one a medic, etc).

Development is being handled by a bunch of former Timegate guys (Section 8), and their Kickstarter campaign is looking for $500,000. You can see more art and check out further details below.


.DECIMAL [Kickstarter]


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