To motivate gamers, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network give players achievement points and trophies. How does one motivate drivers?

With achievement points and trophies, of course! Upcoming electric car the Nissan Leaf is outfitted with "Regional Ranking" software that ranks drivers' driving efficiency and ranks it against other drivers.


Rankings include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum with Platinum having the coveted trophy, the Leaf Cup. This is all part of Carwings, Nissan's on board system — a system that's been available in Japan for years, and a system I've used exactly once.

But has it really come to this? Car software ranking drivers by their fuel efficiency and then comparing them to other drivers for the biggest and greenest e-peen? Yes, yes it has.

OMG Carwings !!!! [My Nissan Leaf via Autoblog Green via Engadget]

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