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It's Like Angry Birds, Only With Balls

Illustration for article titled Its Like Angry Birds, Only With Balls

Bullistic is an Angry Birds clone. Only, I think I like it better.

It's the same premise as the Android and iPhone smash hit: you use a slingshot to vault animals across a stage so they break stuff, only instead of pigs, you're now smashing vases and china.


There's a corny heavy guitar soundtrack, genitalia presented at the conclusion of every level and it feels and plays fine for what it is. I liked it!

Bullistic was developed by small Australian studio Millipede, who make a living crafting apps with a nice sense of humour, some games for travellers, others built for learning, all of them with awesome names.

While we're on the subject of rip-offs, how come nobody remembers Crush The Castle? Truly, it is the Guitar Freaks of this genre.


Oh, and one last thing: I mention in the clip that I'm providing a link to the free version of the game. There is only a free version, so no money required!


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surely angry birds wasn't the first to do something like this. :|