This is Toby's Island, a PC RPG where you try to survive by farming, crafting, raising monsters and building a settlement all by yourself on a dangerous, untamed island.


The game is heavily inspired by RPGs of the nineties, and it shows: there's some rather good-looking sprite art to be found. The plot, which deals with exploring the history and extensive lore behind the island and fighting some sort of ancient evil, seems to be the main focus aside from the robust monster-raising aspect. The pitch video talks about both:

Toby's Island is currently looking to raise a fairly humble $20,000 on Kickstarter (that's Canadian dollars, so it's actually slightly less than that—about $18k.) Extra money goes towards expanding the game's repertoire of minigames, and adding more monsters to fight and raise.


Toby's Island [Kickstarter]

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