Former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Roger Huerta made his acting debut in the Tekken movie as the character Miguel Caballero Rojo. Rojo's fighting style is brawling — perfect for a street fight. That's exactly what happened over the weekend.

At around 2AM, a dispute broke out in front of a bar in Austin, Texas. A woman dropped to the ground, and Huerta confronted her attacker, saying "You just punched a fucking girl."


Huerta removed his shirt and hat and then chased after the man. The attacker ended up on the pavement, while Huerta stomped the snot out of him. People tried to help the bloody man, while Huerta left the scuffle unscathed.

According to Huerta's manager, it is in the former UFC fighter's nature to be "very protective of women".

The police have made no arrests and no charges have been pressed.

In the Tekken series, character Miguel Caballero Rojo is avenging the death of his sister. The movie version of Tekken was released in Japan this past spring. It is going straight to DVD in the United Kingdom. It has been screened in the U.S., but not yet officially released.


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