It's Hard To Play Double Fine's Dropchord Without Shaking Your Ass

Illustration for article titled Its Hard To Play Double Fines emDropchord/em Without Shaking Your Ass

With only a couple of fingers needed to keep the music-based puzzle gameplay of Dropchord flowing, the rest of your body is going to want to move.

A shining jewel of the Leap Motion controller launch lineup, Dropchord arrived on iOS and Android last week, trading air poking for the gentle stroking of a touchscreen.


Two fingers form a line bisecting a glowing circle, pulsing with the beat of glee-inducing electronic dance music. You must guide the line around the circle, activating points by passing over them, avoiding bad spots to keep your combo going. Now and then you'll have to hover over a spot, or tap the screen with one or two fingers (or three, in Leap Motion's case) at a time.

Damn those throbbing electronic rhythms, causing my seat to shake as I my fingers slide about the glowing ring. The soundtrack suits the game so perfectly that even muttered curses uttered upon missing my mark or hitting an obstacle seem perfectly in time with the music.

The overall Dropchord experience is so well put together that the compulsion works both ways. Listening to the continuous mix soundtrack in the video below, my fingers start to twitch, eager for circular motion.

Luckily the full soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes, and a steering wheel makes for an excellent surrogate circle.

Or, I suppose, you could just buy the game for the full effect. Just be prepared for mild to severe ass-shakings.


Genre: Music-Based Puzzles

Developer: Double Fine

Platform: Android, iOS, Leap Motion, Ouya

Price: $2.99 (mobile), Free (Leap Motion Mac and PC)

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Cill Bosby

Am I the only one with a really nice smart phone who doesent play games at all on it? I usually just watch The Wonder Years while in downtime between classes.