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It's EGM, But Not As You Know It

Illustration for article titled Its EGM, But Not As You Know It

Electronic Gaming Monthly died, then was risen. But when it makes its eventual return, it won't be in any form, shape or guise you're used to.


Owner Steve Harris says:

First and foremost, we're planning to incorporate digital content within the magazine. This includes professionally-produced video, audio and other types of content. We're also going to make this content fully transportable. ... There's now a heightened consumer interest in the transportability of information and using applications to do things like read content on an iPhone. We benefit not only from the technology but from the consumer's willingness to use it. The new Electronic Gaming Monthly will let you take your magazine and its content from print to computer to wireless devices — even to your television — as well as enable subscribers and single-copy purchasers to enhance that experience every step of the way. We are embracing that reality [and] will enable it and encourage it.


So you pay for the "mag", and in return receive content that can be read (or watched, or listened to) across multiple formats. Interesting. Very interesting.

Big Hints at EGM's Future [Bitmob]

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EGM might as well drop the "M" then. See the problem with making a content rich digital style "magazine" is that there are tens of thousands of them that already exist. You are reading one right now!! On top of that linking it with a magazine leads to great hits on the site but poor sales of the mag. (See [] for a prime example of how having a nice website will actually PREVENT people from buying the magazine.) Also the problem with a gaming magazine in print form is that thanks to the internet, anything in the lines of reviews, previews and news will be horribly outdated by the time it hits newsstands.

So the solution is to let the gaming magazine die a quck and merciless death.

And just for the record the ONLY gaming magazine to ever be anything more than a guide for looking up cheat codes was Nintendo Power. That was back in the day though. Today the medium is obsolete.