When will the internet tire of cosplay from Avatar, Skyrim, League of Legends, Attack on Titan, Zelda, Portal and Assassin's Creed?

Never, that's when.

Below is the best cosplay from the last week. Enjoy!

(Top gif from Epic Win Bros video.)

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Fancy Pants is Kotaku's weekly round-up of the best in video game cosplay (costume play), where fans dress up as their favourite characters.

Avatar | Cosplayer | Photographer

Skyrim | Cosplayer |

Attack On Titan | Cosplayer | Photographer

Devil May Cry | Cosplayer | Photographer: Grigoriy Volodkin

League of Legends | Cosplayer | Photographer

Assassin's Creed | Cosplayer |

Portal | Cosplayer | Photography

Zelda | Cosplayer | Photographer