It's Canon: Alistair Became King in Dragon Age: Origins

At NYCC last weekend, BioWare was in attendance talking about the upcoming Dragon Age comic series, which will follow Alistair, Isabella, and Varric as they perform some sleuthing into Alistair's past. Well then, that's three of my favorite characters doing stuff that certainly sounds fun. I'd love to see how virginal Alistair and worldly Isabella get on in particular.

This comes courtesy of, who also shared that according to BioWare's Mike Laidlaw, the "canon" version of the events from Dragon Age: Origins resulted with Alistair becoming king and, presumably, the grey warden from the first game sacrificing him or herself to kill the Archdemon. Though actually, perhaps there was another way? I've lost track of the possible endings.


A comic is fine, but I'm hoping that Alistair makes his way into Dragon Age 3. I missed that guy, and stupid Anders was no substitute.

NYCC '11 - Details on New Dragon Age Comic Series []

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