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It's Bikini Time in Final Fantasy XIII-2!

A slew of new downloadable outfits are coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2, including a low cut "resort style" getup for FF character Serah. Lucky her!


The DLC should hit sometime early next year.

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The bikini Serah costume and new Noel look pretty dumb and out of place for the game.

The other Serah outfit looks okayish though I guess, but tired of the fan service costumes in a game that is trying to make you take it seriously.

Anyone else kinda miffed that Square's entrance into DLC for a main series Final Fantasy is to sell costumes? I mean they're near the top for most useless DLC items that aren't usually worth the price they charge. Really was hoping if they did DLC they'd announce something substantial for the future instead of easy cash grab stuff.

I just think that with RPGs, they've already spent all this time writing up and planning out there world, they could make DLC just explore part of the world they don't get time to touch on while you're going through the main story. I mean Bethesda's put out a few good expansions with Shivering Isles, about half the Fallout 3 DLC packs were good, Obsidian did good with Fallout New Vegas, Bioware had Overlord and Lair of the Shadow Broker for ME2, and Rockstar has done good with most of their games.