It's Been Real

Well, folks, it’s been awesome. Got one last Deltron track for you, which, surprisingly, comes from Battleborn, and I’m out. It’s been real.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for what the writers at Kotaku do here. 20+ posts in 3 days is a lot of work, whew, even when a few of them were republished. Dang, man, having less than an hour to work on each piece today was hard.


I’ve learned a lot, and if, through some series of insane events, I have the chance to write for you again, I think things will go a bit more smoothly/entertainingly next time. ;)

Quality and quantity is a skill that Kotaku’s staff has excelled at over the years, and I’m super grateful to have been given the chance to post here. I can die happy now.

I appreciate the cool words, even though:


If you wanna read more of my stuff, especially my features, check out the ‘gbb’ tag here on Kotaku, or hit me up on Twitter at @forgetamnesia.

Peace out. I love you all.

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