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It's Been Real

Well, folks, it’s been awesome. Got one last Deltron track for you, which, surprisingly, comes from Battleborn, and I’m out. It’s been real.


I’ve gained a new appreciation for what the writers at Kotaku do here. 20+ posts in 3 days is a lot of work, whew, even when a few of them were republished. Dang, man, having less than an hour to work on each piece today was hard.

I’ve learned a lot, and if, through some series of insane events, I have the chance to write for you again, I think things will go a bit more smoothly/entertainingly next time. ;)


Quality and quantity is a skill that Kotaku’s staff has excelled at over the years, and I’m super grateful to have been given the chance to post here. I can die happy now.

I appreciate the cool words, even though:

Illustration for article titled Its Been Real

If you wanna read more of my stuff, especially my features, check out the ‘gbb’ tag here on Kotaku, or hit me up on Twitter at @forgetamnesia.

Peace out. I love you all.

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I don’t mean to come across as prickish, but I really do hope the next time around you have a little time to flesh out your pieces a bit more solidly. I think a recurring theme in your posts this weekend boiled down to an interesting concept that felt rushed out the door (which I suspect was in part because you may have underestimated how much sheer content you had to push out over the weekend—which, yeah, I respect how that challenge may have ran up against things). The fact is, a lot of your pieces ended up threadbare and unsupported, or evolved differently from their original intent when writing them (the Half-Life one is the clearest example: I imagine you wrote you initially as an article on why HL3 will never happen and sort of morphed, either for time or flow, into a critique on just its story).

I felt the same way about the Lara article. The oversimplified version of it boiled down to ‘Lara is bad. She is bad because I don’t like her. That makes her bad.’ You know what have improved it immensely? Walk us through one scene with a clear demonstration of what you think went ‘wrong’. Why was it ineffective? Why does it fall short to impact the player? You reference snippets of gameplay and narrative, but you just kind of glide along it. I mean, yeah, I’m not sure I agree but more importantly, I don’t honestly get where you’re coming from. Because she never cracks jokes—and there’s the problem. I think what you’re getting at is that she never reacts meaningfully to what is happening to her at all and misses opportunities to build a connection with her in the long portions of dialogue-less segments that make up the game. But we don’t have any compelling hooks to understand your point of view here, so ‘jokes’ jump out as something to grab onto.

Anyway you still put out a pretty good block of professional looking content under a number of constraints while learning. Good luck next time, and we’ll see you again.