"It's An Advantage To Be Last In Europe" (For Game Release Scheduling)

If you are a gamer, living in a PAL territory can be heartbreakingly hard at times. There are so many languages, and it really takes forever for games to get released. But, chin up! Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe David Reeves is here, and he is ready to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about getting stuff last. According to Reeves:

"People say, ‘Well, why do we always get things last? Why can't we say things?' Well, I've said this many times before: sometimes it's an advantage to be last in Europe, you know, when everything's ironed out. ...This time [at the 2008 Games Convention], we do have things to say in the European [market]. We have the music service, and we're doing great things on SingStar and there's more to come. These are global announcements.


He's said this last is the best spiel before, and he'll say it again. It's like David Reeves favorite thing to say. He loves it. Reeves: "Sometimes it's an advantage to be last in Europe" [VG247]

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