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It's Almost Like Baldur's Gate and Wizardry Had A Turn-Based Baby

Spanish indie group Numantian Games is crowdfunding an old-school 2D isometric RPG (with first-person, turn-based battles)—it's called Lords of Xulima, and it's well on its way to release. It just needs a little bit of polishing first.


Yep, this campaign's one of those "our game is just about ready but we'd like money for some extra features" type of deals. As it stands, Xulima is roughly 60% complete and slated to arrive early next year. With the funds raised via the IndieGoGo campaign, the developers want to add a little bit more meat to their game, ranging from basic stuff like a hardcore difficulty setting at $10K and a soundtrack at $40K, to more complicated features like an all-new roguelike mode at $250K.

If you're interested, the campaign's here and there's also a Greenlight page here.


Lords of Xulima [IndieGoGo]

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Turn based you say? Cool.

I wish Baldur's Gate was properly turn based.