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It's A Very Video Game Holiday Season

Illustration for article titled Its A Very Video Game Holiday Season

A survey conducted on behalf the Entertainment Software Association this month shows that 42% of American adults plan to give or hope to receive video games as presents this holiday season. Where do you stand?


I'd probably fall into both categories had KRC Research, who surveyed 1,001 U.S. adults earlier this month, had bothered to ask me. They didn't, though they did get a hold of a nice little cross-section of people, 52% who felt that video games were a good gift option given the current economy. The popularity of video games continues to grow, with the giving/receiving figure up 9% from 2007, with the number of women intended as game recipients jumping 31% from two years ago, or 47% of respondents.

"Computer and video games are topping holiday lists because they provide a superior entertainment value for the whole family," said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA... "With 68 percent of American households playing computer and video games, U.S. consumers value the creative and innovative products the entertainment software industry produces and are seeking them out for themselves and to give as gifts."


Of course to most of us, these numbers mean nothing. I've been giving video games as gifts since I bought myself my first Sega Genesis. Wait, does gifting yourself count?

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It's my younger brothers birthday today, he'd been going on about ODST so I got him it as a surprise and he was well chuffed this morning.

I'm not sure what to get him for Christmas though, my most memorable Christmas ever was the year I woke up to a GameBoy Colour accompanied by Pokemon Red and Link's Awakening DX.

I wish I could do something for him that would be as memorable, but it's just not as easy to impress kids these days as it was back when I was that age. #happyholidays