It's a Thursday, So Capcom Must Be Having a Problem With Street Fighter X Tekken DLC

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Those who preordered Street Fighter X Tekken on the PS Vita didn't receive all of the downloadable content bonuses—alternate costumes and additional characters—promised to them.

It's been three days without a definitive answer for what the heck is going on, although Capcom, via Twitter, acknowledged over Twitter that "we're aware of the DLC redemption issues and are working with Sony on a solution. You will receive your content."

Basically, Vita players were promised 12 new characters (the DLC characters of the console version), 12 alternate costumes for those characters (a pre-order bonus), and then 38 alternate costumes for the characters in the original main roster. The PSN redemption code contained in the game's retail version gave them only the 12 alternate costumes, literally just the preorder bonus. No additional characters or costumes.


Capcom has a really short leash on disappointments of this sort, considering that nearly all DLC in Street Fighter X Tekken's console version was locked on the disc, an incredibly cynical practice that Capcom said it would "re-evaluate" in light of gamer outrage.

For now, Capcom has vowed that everyone will get the downloadable content to which they are entitled. There's just no word on when that will be delivered.

SFXT DLC for PS3 when purchasing the Vita version [Capcom-Unity. h/t Frost.]

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I'm playing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii. It has zero on-disc DLC. Zero online passes. Zero pre-order bonuses. Zero retailer exclusive bonuses. All characters, costumes, colors, endings, stages, and features are 100% unlockable through the old-timey method of PLAYING THE GAME. It was a great game that Capcom went to a lot of effort to not only make but to bring to American shores (considering we don't know who half the cast is).

It was the last fighting game they did before greed took over. People forget that Capcom, at one point, DID care... but something happened. The current powers in charge smelled money and decided giving players the best experience possible was no longer in their best interest, not if they could nickel-and-dime them while also releasing terrible games that could sell millions on brand name alone.