It's A Real Gun. A Real Halo-Themed Gun, That Is.

This is nothing like those branded Halo bullets we covered a while back: ucfnate's Halo Beretta M9A1 is custom. While I'm not into real-life guns myself, dang if this isn't well-made.Not only are the grips UNSC, but they also glow in the dark.

The grips cost 120 dollars, and they were made by DS Grips. "We chose a color and angles that were inspired by Master Chief's armor, then....found a UNSC emblem to go with it. On the flip side, there is a halo-shaped (a ring basically) epoxy inlay that glows blue in the dark, which matches the color of cortana almost perfectly," ucfnate wrote on Reddit.


Here are some more pictures.


My custom Halo themed grips for my Beretta M9A1 [ucfnate]

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