It's A Good Day For A Final Fantasy VII Electronic Dance Album

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Here are three things to do while waiting for tomorrow’s official release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Dance, dance, dance. From RoboRob, producer of last year’s Billboard-charting Kingdom Heartbeats, One-Beat Angel is an album that transforms Final Fantasy VII’s most iconic music into danceable electronic tracks. Well, more danceable that before.

It’s amazing what applied rhythmic thumping and moving around notes can do. Published by Materia Collective and available now on Bandcamp, One-Beat Angel is an 11-track Final Fantasy VII dance party. It starts with “Prelude, ends with “JENOVA, and in-between features excellent remixes of “One-Winged Angel, “Chocobo Theme, and more. RoboRob and James Landino even turned “Victory Fanfare” into a dance track. Have a listen.

It’s an excellent pre-remaster warmup or post-remaster celebration album.

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*finishes listening to it*

Where’s the rest of the soundtrack?!