If you want to check the mod out yourself, here’s the project’s page. And if you want to see more of the team’s work, their YouTube page has links to trailers for other games that they’ve localised, from Obra Dinn to Luigi’s Mansion.


Thanks @FalKoopa_!


Hitman 3's Latest Patch Fixes Incorrect Arabic Text

IO Interactive released the first major patch for Hitman 3 today, bringing with it a raft of changes to the assassination game, including some much-needed updates to the environment. The patch also corrected some Arabic text in the game’s opening level, which was written incorrectly.

Middle Eastern Fortnite Players Start Massive Protest For Dedicated Servers

Alaa “DvLZStaTioN” Ebrahim has been missing his sniper shots. The popular Fortnite YouTuber, who has three million subscribers, says it’s not his fault. Nor are the times when his opponents’ shots hit him even as he moves away from the rain of bullets. Ebrahim, who lives in Bahrain, a small island country in the Middle East, thinks an unfair hand has been dealt to him and the millions of other Fortnite fans in the region.